Hi! I’m Arsen Arsenović, a network administration, computer science, and low level software engineering student. My areas of expertise include:

Various programming languages

I have many years of experience with C and C++ and I understand the nuances and specifics of both. I am familiar with Meson, CMake, GNU Autotools, as well as some more traditional and simpler build systems, specifically make. I am familiar with Java, Maven, Gradle, and some popular libraries/frameworks of the Java ecosystem, for instance Spring, SLF4J, and many others. I’ve developed a degree of familiarity with Python (especially python3) and POSIX shell (and utilities like awk and bc) with or without GNU extensions (bash, GNU coreutils).

POSIX, Linux, and (to a lesser extent) other UNIX-like systems

I have a good understanding of the POSIX standard and various UNIX-like systems, namely Linux, with which I’ve got a large amount of experience in managing servers, implementing userspace software, and handling networking.

The Internet Protocol Suite and related standards

I’ve gained a good understanding of the inner workings and application of TCP, UDP, IP and Ethernet while developing the managarm network stack, as well as through the use the Linux network stack and the BSD socket APIs. In addition, I’ve used WireGuard to facilitate remote access to my home LAN, gaining a good grasp on WireGuard concepts through that experience.

System administration

I’ve ran and managed many servers of various designations throughout the years, and have amassed a decent amount of experience with nginx, OpenSSH, systemd (and alternative inits), Docker, and Debian along with its derivatives.


I have a solid understand of and a considerable amount of prior experience with Jenkins for continuous integration and deployment. I also authored xbbs, the build and distribution service currently in use by the managarm project, helping the transition off a Jenkins-based workflow.